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September 2020 Stock Picks


OK SO THE BIG Winner was SAVA this week - as predicted last month, this one is now 3X, going up BIG today! I would sell this one now, if you followed my buy advice. Meds are still not fully approved, and risk is high here. THIS IS A SELL NOW!

DAL - This one keep going up and I would hold this one, I am shy about buying more however.

CRBP - This stock was a bug story stock, and took a hard hit as like SAVA did when approvals were not completed, there is more to some here - its a buy at these levels of sub $2.00 a share.

KSHB - Still think this is a buy, I think this packaging company has a big win in store and this will be another 2-3X multiplier

SAVA - This is a long term buy, but I think within 6 months, this altimeters stock will be a 3X pick at least, and if they could cross the finish line on a drug, it could be a 20X win!

ZI - Zoom info, not a 3X win here, but a solid 50% - 100% increase in the cards for this company. My business use their software, and this one is suffering from the post IPO blues and will come back strong.


Even more videos coming, Stay engaged here!!!

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