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November 2020 Stock Picks


OK SO THE BIG Winner was DAL this month - as predicted last month, this one is now up BIG! I would sell this one now, if you followed my buy advice. Airlines are going to take a short term loss in my opinion for a short term. THIS IS A SELL NOW!

HAL - I think it is time to sell DAL and buy HAL. This one will run through next year and is a "doubler" in my mind with energy returning

GDRX - Good RX took an immediate hit from Amazon announcing drug sales, I think this one is coming back strong, Amazon is basic effect, not as much as announced.

KSHB - Still think this is a buy!!!

SAVA - I am long on SAVA

TANH - This one should not have pulled based on news of secondary, this is common, and will swing right back to 3.50 per share range

HCAC - This company just ran a SPAC with a company called Canoo - this is a missed value at this point with many companies like BLNK, WKHS, and so many others that have flown away in the last week!


Even more videos coming, Stay engaged here!!!

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