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August 2020 Stock Picks


DAL - Delta Airlines, this is one stock that has not realized a "V" shaped recovery. If you look at the stock chart over the last 6 months, it has stayed down. I see this one recovering at least 50% as the best airline to buy now.

TLRY - I suggested this one last time, but weed will return and I like this one.

CGC - I think post earnings call this one will take off.

KSHB - How much worse could it get, as a packaging company for the weed industry, I think this one will return big.

SAVA - This is a long term buy, but I think within 6 months, this altimeters stock will be a 3X pick at least, and if they could cross the finish line on a drug, it could be a 20X win!


We have started publishing trading videos on how to utilize trading tools to help you make more money! We are excited about this.

We revised the site with new training and basic overviews, and we continue to update our top picks. We are just getting going and look forward to so much more and helping others become millionaires off our knowledge!

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