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December 2020 Stock Picks


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Almost! Its that time of the year to review and renew your FULL portfolio! Here is my picks for the final month this year.

Keep in mind, end of year could mean some real volatility in the market. People, including me, are now selling and buying for TAX reasons to either taxes gains or losses in the year. This type of buying forces traders to buy for other reasons than company outlook.

Crappy IPOs continue, these companies are not poorly run companies like in the 90's, however they are grossly overvalued and in my opinion should not be purchased.

I do think the stock market is in a "MELT-UP" meaning it has been going higher because that's the trend without real reason and is like a house of cards and can be decimated any minute.

IMMP - This is a VERY risky stock, but I see STRONG POTENTIAL UPSIDE! You can also buy PRRUF.

XOM - I think Exxon is a little of a long term buy, but has not seen the upside yet, and I think it will as long as the bottom doesn't fall out of the market.

KSHB - Staying here, I think it will launch over Q1 - Q2 2021

BABA - I think we will see some great gains here. I would expect 25% gains over the next quarter to 6 months or better.

One more risky one with BIG potential upside!!! (but huge risk)

ATNM - I think this stock could easily double with a successful Phase III, I also think this one could drop another 30%, but at the recent drop to around $8, there is some serious potential value here!

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