This course will teach you what you need to get started trading successfully.  While there are plenty of successful individuals out there to tell you where to invest. Money Maker wants to teach you the basics of how to get started trading, how to do your first trades, and give you the know how to be successful. I will teach you all I have learned over the years, and I will teach you in as little time as possible!

Finding & Setting Up a Trading Platform


There are several platforms you can utilize to trade on, but I am going to focus on one. I use eTrade for all transactions and use the free platform to do so.

You will need to open an account, connect it to your bank account, and when ready move money into your eTrade account.  After you make money on eTrade you will then be able to transfer money back.

STEP 1: Set up an eTrade account

  • Go To eTrade and select "Open an account" in the top right corner of the screen

  • After selecting "Open account" follow the steps to create a login and password

STEP 2: Connect your checking account to your eTrade Account, so you can move money back and forth.

  • Select "transfers" at the top of the page

  • Then select "Add external funding account"

  • Follow the steps to set up your account on eTrade

STEP 3: Move money into your eTrade account from your checking account.

  • Select "Accounts" on the top menu bar

  • Select "Transfers on the sub menu

  • Select "Transfer Money" on the drop down

  • After the screen loads,  then select where you want to transfer from - your checking account will show up as an option - after the checking account has been linked.

  • Indicate how much to transfer - you need to put enough money to buy at least one stock

YOUR DONE! Now that you have selected to move money from your checking, you simply need to wait 2-3 days before the money will show up in your eTrade account, and you will be ready to make your first Trade.

Buying Your FIRST stock, or second or third...


I bet you didn't think you would be here so quickly! Now its time to decide what stock to buy, in this course I will help you find your first one, and get you to a point of buying it.  The other courses on Money Maker Trading will show you other ways to pic stocks, tools to help you do research, what to look for, how to buy and sell with success and tips to make more money.  For now lets focus on the basics, actually pulling the trigger on your first BUY!

STEP 1: Pick a stock!

  • Lets use my favorite tool for good all in one view on companies - Yahoo Finance!

Yahoo Finance.JPG

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