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June 2020 - Stock Picks & Site Updates

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Monthly Stock Tips & Site Update STOCKS ROARING - NOW WHAT

NASDAQ E.O.D. - 6.18.2020

STOCK TIPS Unlike other stock sites, I am giving my suggestions free. You must do your own research, but I will tell you my buy suggestions at for FREE! I only ask you share your newly found tip site with your friends! I am doing this to build up a community. So here they are... HAL I think this stock has the chance to double in the next 1-3 months KSHB  I think this stock will nearly triple as things open back up again TLRY I think this stock will double in the next few months NERV I think this stock will double after getting over bad news ADS I think this will double over the next 6 months I have lots more to share so please share this with all you know and send them to our site!  Thank you and I look forward to making lots of MONEY with all of you! SITE UPDATE This last week was big for MoneyMakerTrade.  We completed the first of many courses we plan on releasing at no cost. We were motivated to get going and start educating all regardless of race, background, or ability.  The world is changing and we want to help educate all we can to help solve systemic issues.  The world of stocks has been primarily a unreachable world of wealth, we are setting out to change that.  We released our "Getting Started Investing Course" MARKETS RECOVERING? - NOW WHAT If you haven't seen the market recovery, look at the image above in this message!  The stock market is higher now before all this started.  Why is that you might ask, well it's because the federal government invested A LOT of money in the markets.  So even though these companies in the markets are making MUCH less money now, and should be worth less, the government has invested in these companies and are now worth more.  If the FEDs sell their stocks, the markets will start to fall, but I don't think they will for a long time.  They stand to make just as much as the rest of us, and I think they will continue to go higher.  The fear I have is over investing right now, as the stock market is somewhat a house of cards right now.  In order to make a lot of money right now, you are going to have to take some risk!

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