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I am sharing this information as one who has started a company and SURVIVED an IPO successfully!  While experiencing this I realized common trends that happen to most IPO's I wanted to share...



IPO stands for Initial public offering, which means, the company is selling shares to the general public.

NASDAQ IPO Calendar:

NYSE IPO Calendar:

Yahoo Finance IP Calendar:

New IPO Trends:


On the day the stock goes public, I noticed the stock dramatically rises and could do this for 1-2 weeks or even a month.  After the stock price maxes usually about a month in, the stock takes a "U" shaped dip.  The dip Usually matches the rise, and then the stock starts to increase again back to the original high.  After the stock hits is high, the stock seems to drop again and land between the "issue price" and the high stock price.  Knowing all this info allows you to make money 2 times on new IPO's just by charting, and I found this is a great way to make money without to much research. 

Example IPO:


Recently a company that models 3 dimensional generated designs, took the approach in medical industry to model novel molecules more rapidly to enhance a scientists ability to find drug discovery programs more quickly.  In the age of a pandemic and in our new future reality, this stock is probably just getting started.  I have owned this stock from week one of IPO.  Lets take a look at the chart to see a successful IPO and what peaks and valleys occurred so you can see how to make money twice on any stock.  Just look at the lows and look at the highs.   Knowing this happens to most IPOs will allow you to look for and buy at the lows or close too, and sell at the highs.

SDGR IPO Example.png
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